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Hello, my name is Dean

Mesquita in Cordoba, Spain

Mesquita in Cordoba, Spain

Bagsy first post! Yay!;)

Ummm…. what now…

English isn’t my first language, so please be patient. What does that mean, anyway? The first words out of my mouth were not “mama” but “媽媽”. But I just did a cmd+C and cmd+V there, as I have no idea how to actually write that. I confuse myself (with myself) on a daily/hourly basis.

I was born in Taiwan, a colourful, vibrant country. I can’t remember much of my childhood, which upsets me, but I can somehow recall smells, tastes, a whole palette of olfactory textures. I was a very cute baby, complete with an oversized head, just on the normal side of hydrocephalous. My sister took advantage of my gullibility, and I believed that she was actually a kung-fu master (this is not true). According to my uncle Anthony, as I was having a haircut at aged 2 (probably with a pudding bowl), I fell out of the barber’s chair onto my head, a good metre or two, and literally bounced. This goes to show that everything happens for a reason, and my large skull has protected my meagre brain ever since. I really hope that story is true though.

When I was 4-6, my family and I moved to England. I slowly learned English, my first two words were “yes” and “no”. I knew how to say them, but unfortunately did not understand their binary nature. So in my first day at school, when my first English friend asked me my name, I confused the hell out of him. You can imagine how:

David: What’s your name?

Me: Yes

David: Really? Is your name Yes?

Me: No

David: So what is it then?

“Not Yes”: Yes

ad infinitum.

We did eventually become friends.

Fast forward to my 30s. I have not returned to Taiwan for a long time. This is partly due to my BMI (which is grossly enormous in Chinese terms) – with the associated shame, but I have also been rather busy. Now, I have a chance to return with my long-term partner Helen, to a country that I am very fond of. I have been very lucky to go to some other places along the way too, in Europe, Africa, Australia, “not the red states or blue states” and other parts of Asia. But never for such a prolonged period of time. We are hopefully going to explore a myriad of countries, some at lightning pace, some at a reasonable gallop, and all the while my personal aims are to get some of my thoughts onto LED, learn about my place in this world, and somehow take a chunk out of that BMI (but enjoy myself at the same time).

This is an opportunity to express myself creatively, and I hope that you guys will enjoy what I have to write, draw with light, and eat along the way. Hello, and see you soon?

Yes x

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